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What Are The Benefits of Non-Venue Wedding Celebrations?

Outdoor Wedding celebrations have so much to offer at a fraction of the cost!

Brides and Grooms are beginning to realise that they have a choice when it comes to their wedding ceremony. Having a non-venue celebration is the perfect choice for many couples; let's look at the reasons why.


A Registrar template service in an approved venue comes with many constraints; time, content, participants, rules, regulations, space….. and more. With a non-venue celebration, you can take as long as you want, have as much space as you need, and you have the freedom to include whatever content suits your bespoke ceremony.

Whether you want to include religious elements–or not, pets, children, friends, mini-rituals, live music, or even dancers, when it comes to a non-venue ceremony the only regulation is to have the land-owner’s permission.


Another obvious benefit is the huge cost saving - almost certainly a fraction of an average wedding venue and all that comes with it. This of course frees up finances for other things that will make your wedding like no other. Many couples are looking for somewhere that their friends haven’t used before, and there’s nothing more unique than a wedding ceremony in a forest, by a beautiful lake, on a remote beach, in a rolling field or even having a wedding in your own garden.


Couples are getting more creative. Let nature be your backdrop, create your own décor. You can involve your family and friends in utilising their hidden talents, crafting handmade wedding decorations, flower arrangements, ribbons, bows and pretty lights hanging from hand-built structures to adorn your unique wedding setting. It can be as over-the-top or as understated as suits your particular vibe. You can have a real collaboration of skills!


There is no pressure, you and your guests can wear whatever attire is befitting the mood, and celebrations can flow effortlessly into darkness with photos taken against the sunset. There is plenty of time for laughter over a hand tying ceremony, children can participate in a flower ceremony or sand ceremony. The food could be provided by caterers of course, but instead you could also have a pizza van and a waffle van, or a hog roast, or just a massive barbeque. And of course, you could always have your guests bring a bottle!

Have a wedding day to remember, a truly unique celebration, styled like no other. Let’s all start thinking outside the norm, break old, tired traditions, and enjoy freedom of choice!



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