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What is a Celebrant and what do they do? Civil Celebrants UK

Updated: Jan 25

Many people have no idea, so at Beverley Anne Celebrant Service in Cambridgeshire, I have put together the answers to some frequently asked questions;

What is a celebrant?

An independent professionally trained individual who will collaborate with you to create unique and bespoke ceremonies to celebrate a variety of occasions, including weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, and vow renewals.

Are celebrants the same as humanists?

memorial service with flowers, as such led by civil celebrant Beverley Anne Celebrant, professional civil celebrant service in Cambridgeshire

No we’re not. Humanist ceremonies conatain zero religious content in any form. Church ceremonies are the other extreme with predominantly religious content.

Celebrant led ceremonies provide whatever the client wants, They cover the whole middle ground; so if a hymn will appease Granny, then have it, if the Lord’s prayer is desired, then you can include it, if your favourite poem refers to heaven, that’s absolutely fine. On the other hand, if you want to have a non-religious ceremony this is fine too!

What does a Celebrant do that a Registrar doesn’t?

A registrar wedding ceremony is a choice of 3 templates, with no personalisation, lasting about 10 minutes. A celebrant wedding celebration is completely personalised, comprising of a totally bespoke ceremony script, includes the couple’s own love story and unique promises and vows. You can also include mini-rituals in your ceremony if desired and your Civil Celebrant ceremony can last as long as you wish.

unique wedding ceremony, civil celebrant led ceremonies in Cambridgeshire UK

Are Celebrants more expensive?

Not necessarily. Regarding weddings, a typical Registrar 10 minute Ceremony is £500, whereas a 30 minute, completely bespoke Celebrant Ceremony can cost less than that; or more depending on the Celebrant and content. Regarding funerals, Celebrant fees are always comparable with Clergy & Humanist led ones.

Can a Celebrant marry us?

Not yet, but the current wedding laws in the UK are being reviewed right now. Currently a couple can legally marry at a register office appointment for approx £50, then have the celebrant-led wedding celebration of their dreams for whatever costs they want to afford.

How do I find a good Celebrant?

Ask your friends who have used one. Google search Celebrant websites and checkout good Celebrant reviews. Follow local Celebrants on Social Media, you will soon get a feel for one that suits you. Contact a few Celebrants, ask them questions, they will be happy to talk about their services. For Funeral Celebrants, also ask your local Funeral Director for a choice in who they would recommend.

If you'd like more information on any of the above, you can book a free Civil Celebrant consultation with me here.



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