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Why Spring is the best time to plan your unique celebration

There is no time like the present..

~ You have popped the question, or maybe you’ve said yes and you're getting married and wondering what's next?! ~ Your new addition to the family is imminent and you want to celebrate the birth of a baby.. ~ It’s your special anniversary year - are you looking for Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration ideas? ~ A Graduation is anxiously anticipated..

You feel that now is the right time to gather the family for that final farewell..

In springtime we experience a kind of re-birth, when all around appears new, fresh and clean. When nature is budding & blossoming, the sunshine brings welcome warmth and all around is colour and optimism.

We welcome the excitement of making plans and committing to new beginnings. Where to go on holiday? Alterations to the garden, getting the decorators in, sorting out the loft, It’s really quite contagious! There’s so much to be celebrated.

Beverley Anne Civil Celebrant services

At Beverley Anne Civil Celebrant services, I capture that excitement in our first meeting, talking endlessly about your journey, how you got to this point. If you're wondering what kind of ceremony to have; I can help you to find the right setting, vibe and ambience that will be perfect for your celebration. We lay the foundations then layer up content as we source the perfect ceremony songs, poems, rituals and scripts until your ceremony is firmly in focus.

We all love to have something to look forward to and in Spring we feel particularly blessed, we notice the birds nesting, the array of colours the new blooms bring and how blue the sky is today - not to mention the warmth! New life is emerging all around us and all these wonders of nature make us feel more positive. Our minds feel more creative our souls open to new possibilities.

My childhood memories of spring are making daisy chains and perfume from rose petals, dressing up like a princess and pretending to get married. As an adult it’s such a wonderful thing to do – make other’s dreams come true by creating their very own unique wedding ceremony.

When we think of Spring of course we think of new beginnings - including birth! New babies bring so much joy... One of the unique ceremony services I offer at Beverley Anne Civil Celebrant services is that of a Naming Ceremony, which has increased in popularity recently due to the growth in people searching for non-religious ceremony services. Naming ceremonies can be held in your own garden with family friends, and pets in a non-stressful environment where all your home comforts are at hand.

Likewise a vow renewal ceremony doesn’t have to have any constraints, it can be formal and extravagant but it can also be relaxed, or held outdoors surrounded by the splendour nature has to offer.

At Beverley Anne Celebrant services, we know all too well that final farewells are often put off where ashes are concerned; but there’s no better time than in the joy of Spring to contemplate that celebration of life. Ashes can be interred or scattered in full or in part as an intimate private service or within a larger inclusive scale. Your bespoke memorial need not have time constraints or rules, it need not be formal or subdued, a ceremony so sensitive will be whatever is right for the family.

Have you got that Springtime feeling, that zest for life, that seize the moment mentality?



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