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8 Top Reasons To Have a Celebrant-Led Wedding Ceremony

Why bother with a celebrant to do your wedding ceremony?

Well, because for very little effort there are huge benefits to having a celebrant perform your wedding ceremony that will make the memories of your special day so much sweeter. So read on to see how Beverley Anne Celebrant Services can help you, as well as a few other points you should consider...


It can cost the same price as a registrar ceremony

A typical registrar led marriage ceremony can cost approx. £500 - £600. What many people don't realise is that this is often the same price range that your local civil celebrant will charge - the difference is that you will get a completely bespoke wedding ceremony celebration.

No restriction on venue or numbers or length of time

Unlike a registrar ceremony there are no restrictions on location, as it does not have to be a licensed premises. A Celebrant Ceremony can be indoors or outdoors; your garden, your favourite pub, the beach, a derelict castle, on a boat, the possibilities are endless! All you need is the owner’s permission. A registrar ceremony usually only lasts around 12 mins, but your celebrant-led ceremony can be 20 or 30 mins or an hour if you want! And everyone can come; we don’t put a limit on attendees, only your choice of location or venue could possibly do that.

It tells your personal love story

Your Celebrant will visit you at home and talk with you about your love story, how you met, how you fell in love, important events along the way, your engagement and your families. All to create a unique ceremony script for your all important day.

It can include children and/or pets

Blended families are so much a part of life today, we reflect that by involving children or occasionally even involving pets in your ceremony, so they can feel included in such a significant day for their parental figures. This could be with rituals such as a sand blending ritual, they can be ring bearers or say chosen words or readings - even sing a song!

It can include religious reference

Registrar ceremonies are made up of zero religious content. However, did you know a celebrant-led ceremony can include religious or cultural references should you wish. This could be a reading or a hymn or a prayer, possibly for sentimental reasons or to be inclusive to wider family members.

It can include Rituals or symbolic content

To enhance your ceremony you can include elements that are symbolic to you or your family such as hand tying, ring warming, flower or tea ceremonies. These can include wider members of your family or friends, it’s a lovely way to share your ceremony experience with special loved ones, and can of course be great fun!

It can be themed

Your bespoke ceremony content could be gently woven with subtly themed poems, lyrics, or music from your favourite artist. Or you could go all out with a theme of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, or whatever is your ‘thing’ complete with fancy dress and elaborate visual props and words created to match.

Bespoke content chosen by you, including readings, promises, and vows

You don’t have to stick to a very limited choice of template spoken words as you do in a registrar ceremony, you can create your own, they can include humour or be as slushy as you want. Your celebrant will provide resources to help you decide on the type of words that you really want to say, and readings that encapsulate your personalities.

So, you can see that what could be called a ‘soul-less’ legal function can alternatively be a colourful, vibrant, joyful expression of love, celebrating your wedding like no other. Contact me today to learn more, or book a consultation to chat about your wedding ceremony wishes.



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